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Friday, 18 June 2010

It just feel like it was school again:|

Hey, I don't think blogging would bring me anywhere, if I kept on posting the same thing. Seriously, I lack of ideas, I lack of subjects that would attract any of my readers. Sigh. So here once again, what will u here from me is my hanky panky life back here in Puncak Alam.

People mostly put their reasons for not going to Matriculation because they said, it would be tough back there. Perhaps? But, if it was tough, how come, even those with poor results got to go to Matriculation, and still they can say it was fine there? Or do people think being a university's student is so much fun? Well, I just couldn't get any of its fun. For me everything seems undefined, blurred, confusing, and at the same time tiring.

The real life of being a foundation students only came to a realize the these days. Starting with tons of lab reports to be submitted, where we have to do research to find the solutions, where we have to gather until late at night to make something came to final point of the answer and where we study like mad dog to make sure our reports are acceptable. Reports are the toughest thing I find here in university, since I am not YET a person who can co-operate very well, not YET a person who can actually tell people what I have in mind unless we are close enough and not YET find ease to mingle with people here. Yeah, probably I might be a slow poke when it comes to networking unless we have so many things in common to talk about. >.< Thankfully, I did manage to get some good friends, who some of them I met online, like Naqib and Rina, however, in a fortnight, Naqib will leave UiTM for good, since he will pursue medicine in India. Seriously, I am envying him:( At least Rina is here, which I think it's comfortable to be around her.

 For example for lab chemistry, the group representative is my permanently partner, whom I can't get along so well, so making me having hard times during laboratory report preparation. It's so hard to be the one, who keep on thinking for ideas for others.....I can't be somebody else's pillows.....gee....


So, yeah, my partner is the one I can't cooperate with, which I myself don't know why? I am so pessimistic am I? I supposed to do discussion with her regarding the experiment we did last monday, but I ignored it, since I actually thought I could do mine alone T.T. When it comes to disliking a certain person, sometimes, no reasons are needed :(

I just finished mathematics tutorials on function, which I thought was easy, but SERIOUSLY it was tough. I think I took lectures on function just for granted, and didn't actually focused during the lectures. Now, blaming myself for being ignorant. I took the whole day finishing it off.

Oh shoot! Feeling extremely unsatisfied with what I've done these something is missing...