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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Facebook has been blocked?? NO!

I am so frustrated, why? Because, my physics lab report isn't completed, and I haven't study anything for mathematic quiz which is tomorrow, and I haven't finished my physics tutorial on scalars and vectors. Boo! me..for being lazy and somehow or rather, in the holiday mood >.<

this kitty is frustrated just like I do...zzzz
At night should have been the best time to you know cyber networking, or let me get it straight, the facebook? Who doesn't know facebook must be some kinda...erkk...I can't type it down. But, apparently, the environment I am facing here, in the campus restricted me from being a night cyber walker. >.<, since most of the girls here, study at night like there will be the biggest exam for the next day, and using the ethernet yellow cable, also making me hard to come online, which has been my drug, due to the fact that I can only use the cable at my roommate's table. So at night, she will be using her table to study, and you can imagine how my heart scream for an internet walkabout. GEEE....I am sick, am I?

Class or lecture starts late at 10.30 a.m today, which definitely means I can use the lappy for an internet surfing. The first thing on my mind was of course facebook! Ahhh...I quickly got into an email, and saw a lot of messages from that facebook of mine, click it and.....FACEBOOK got blocked!!!

Facebook is blocked! Shoot!

Can you just believed it? I don't mind if they wanna block youtube, cucirca or other porn sources, but facebook? Come on! Maybe they just want to get rid of students who tend to start playing truant and got online on facebook? Perhaps so...but this is so irrelevant....

Now, living here is like "making learning, studying and discussion your lifestyle" T.T But why am I muttering? I was the one who wants to pursue my studies to be a medical doctor? This is only the beginning....however, I can't let go of my life....I can't study 24/7....argh!

Ah shoot, there's no use of crying or muttering now, better get ready to lecture...and starting the day with some good moments here in Puncak Alam:)

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