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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Forget the past, Live for the future

I am typing this as fast as I could, because my roommate will surely return and wanting to use her desk. I need a broadband seriously!

Why did I ever concern about updating? Not like I have those followers who will keep track on me, like Hanis Zalikha, nor Zack Zuhairi. Right? Plus, it is still not comfy to type down, something using this lappy. I haven't got the power to type it fast yet. Probably later.

It was a very overwhelming day, and it ended with Physics lecture by Prof Ahmad. I like Prof Ahmad, merely because his incredibly amazing sense of humor. I find him funny thus making I love Physics to the extend. ^_^

Prof Ahmad is a person who can sometimes gives good advice. "Forget the past! Go running to the future!" What have happened have been destined, take responsibility for every actions that you make. However, the future can still change, change accordingly, according to the efforts made. Once you said, you will fail, meaning you are the one who is at lost. Never give up.

He is true in 360 degree turnabout. Everything counts on our effort. He also mentioned that don't regret for what happened in the past, for example I always regret for having a BLOODY B for my biology paper in SPM, which in turn failing me to get any scholarships to study abroad in Medicine. Maybe this is good for me, only HE knows best. I almost cry, reminiscing how awfull I have reacted in the past, blaming the destiny that I have been given, and blaming myself for being weak. Perhaps because I was (still am) envying those friends who are just steps further from going somewhere better to learn what they wanna learn. Their destiny, their lucks. Just make things that way.


When my peers here took our pictures, they ask, why am I looking sad? Do they have to ask, seriously? And, maybe that will just be temporary. Hope I will find "light" here. That's all.

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