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Saturday, 3 July 2010

What about her? A new schedule?

Nothing interesting occurred for the passed 1 week of life at UiTM. It was rather a plentiful of works that have been given to us kids, on assignments, lab reports, tutorials and etc. These are not becoming a burden, since I know I can do them well enough, IF AND ONLY IF, time is sufficient, and co-operation is up to a boost. 


I find Biology lecture was pretty boring these days. Maybe because I am learning things that I already learned or maybe because I just couldn't get the lecturer's body language. Just looking at the slides which I think aren't that USEFUL since most of the pictures or notes can be found inside the Campbell Book, making me feel dizzy and sleepy all the way. Biology lecture, is just a time where students need to sit down and listen to talks and stops there. Nothing much. I also doubt about the way the lecturers taught the course. Sometimes the answers to her questions aren't that scientific enough. 

P/S: In Presco, Biology was rather fun, 50% enjoyable than the one I am having right now. This is because, there were debates on certain topics discussed among the students and lecturer. Those scenes really widen up my view on Biology and making things rejoicing. But here, lecturer talks and we just look on the's damn boring.


I prefer chemistry in UiTM more rather in the place I used to study. Even though Pn Rozana was a bit of person who talk-by herself, but I think she's better off teaching the subject. We went into great detailed until I find myself dipped into chemistry now. She made the calculation part easier, and she is a good lecturer who we can easily and kindly asked for help, if we don't understand certain topics on that subject. She might look snobbish from the outside, but she is actually very friendly to the students. Thumbs up!!

P/S: Back in college, Miss Kho was rather in her Skyline-speed when it comes to teaching, and expecting us the slow-mo to get into her tracks just like that, without bothering to slow down. That's why I was lost in chemistry during the old days in the college. 


Conducted by Prof Ahmad, a very relaxing old man, with a songkok on his head, just to symbolized that he has the knowledge of both High Level Physics as well as good Islamic views. He is funny from the start, but like Biology, everything in his slides are of exact copy of the book by Giancoli. Just that, with some showings on the questions part that differ these two subject literally. In his lecture, students would probably found themselves awake and alive although I know Physics might be fearsome for SOME, including me to be frank. But, he did said, when you are doubting on a particular subject related to Physics, just FORGET ABOUT IT! Besides that, I think he's the best physics MASTER I ever had since I started involving in it when I was 16. Oh...not to mention, he is also the one who said that coupling is not a bad thing to do. It is what normal people do. Hahaha. *Don't get me wrong, what I meant was coupling in the Islamic way-nikah*

P/S: In previous experiences, I find Physics very hard. Now, I am in love with it. In Presco, Physics was my very first class. On that moment, I was dumbfounded because, the lecturer taught so fast, and I couldn't get any of the showings he taught us in front. I miss Miss DALILAH who was my 3rd physics lecture in Presco. She's cute, and comfortable, feeling like a very good big sister teaching the fearsome subject. She's in Penang now...and I hope she's doing great. -I also wondering what Mr Matt would be doing by now...ahaks...he was the 2nd Physics Master I found to be great.


First, it was taught by Puan Khadija, a sempoi-old woman with a long veil. She was funny...I guess, although I couldn't really get some of her jokes...maybe because I was damn too sleepy. My math lecturers mostly starts, after zuhur, which make me feel slightly bloated and of course tiring, and sleepy. Why? Because after lunch, the stomach will be bloated, and the eyes would be sleepy and tired. Now, a new lecturer, Pn Hafizah, who is still fresh. She shivers every time she starts talking or writing things down on the white board. I pity her for not being able to handle 200 students at once in the hall. Overall, however, she's nice, and more straight-to the point. But I wish she could have write bigger on the board, coz I hardly see anything from the back!!

P/S: I heard that Mr Alvin at Presco shifted to somewhere else. Poor my peers in Presco, for loosing such a handsome-cute-fast-funny math lecturer like him. I miss him although he hardly recognized me and distinguished me from Aida. *math was 100% times easier back then in college*


The new schedule will be used starting by Monday. I hate the new one since there's Physics lecture after lunch. It's more packed, and hectic. No more guling-guling atas katil after this.... The new schedule is made because the degree and diploma students are now progressing in the campus, meaning, it would be crowded starting Monday...which is a good thing where I can forget about lunch...


A friend of mine, suddenly 'vanished' and turned into her silent-mode. I haven't received any text from her this 1 week of life at the campus. Last was on Monday when she canceled the plan to meet another guy friend who was leaving for JPA. Optimistic side-Probably she's busy. Pessimistic side -Probably I don't suit her and vice versa. *Sigh*


How great to know, I have a cousin here in Puncak Alam. But, why didn't I feel a slight feeling of relief or surprise? Maybe because I am having a very bad mood since the beginning adding to the fact that that cousin and I aren't that close to mingle with, so evolving the sense of not-to-care if or not she is around. I prefer living alone. *Boo me!*


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