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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Making them a TABOO

"Mirror mirror on the wall....who's the fattest girl of them all?" I asked my mirror the magical mirror of Disney.

"I must say your highness, YOU are the fattest of them all!" It answered.                           
I cried for days knowing I am the fattest of them all. It hurts you know, to be odd, adding to the fact to be fat. You would not be looking nice in any clothes with flab tummy. Perut berlapis is a nightmare! Seriously, I have to make some things a taboo. Jom berpantang! >.<


One of my favorite for all time. Name any food with potatoes stuffed with it, I can eat them like a king. Mak Long used to make this good-fatty appetizer of chopped steamed potatoes, with egg and mayonnaise, and it was so delicious. Note that this is so fatty and appetizing, till you wanna more. Other potatoes-based food are like french fries, sambal goreng kentang, hmmm...potato pie...argh! I have to stop taking excess potatoes.. 

yummyyyy dipped with mayo!     

Cakes and confectionery

I don't actually eat cakes but I must say I am a big lover of cakes. Especially those with cheese in it, namely cheese cakes...Plus, croissant, breads, doughnuts, tarts, them...I can eat them in loads non stop. These need to be taboos...too. 

cheesycake....I love you, now I need to hate you!!

Eat doughnuts like everyday, and having FABULOUS curveS as this woman does, would be a dream come true. NO?     


People said to be thin, stop eating rice. How come? I am an Asian, I need rice. It's a staple food anyway. But seriously, if that what it takes, then yes NO RICE.....>.<

fried rice.....bye3

Other junk food

Others would probably be canned drinks, drinks in carton, biscuits, chocolate bars, potato chips, banana chips...soda beverages.....bye2 heaven of food...


beverage fountain...

I really have to make them my taboos for next upcoming days....I need to slim down.....since I am not looking any good since I entered college, I look bad...and fat...hate it....I can't fit into my jeans like I used to...sigh***

1 comment:

Azhani Azizi said...

dayana azhar!
you're not fat!
or the fattest of them all.

ish ish. you don't need to totally not eat whatever you love just to stay thin. eat normally, what you like and all but eat in moderation.

and there's always exercise:) plus, don't be sad. you are smart, and have a good heart. what you are on the outside is not as important as what you are on the inside.

cheer up :D