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Saturday, 26 June 2010


Hoorah, I am in school again :| Which is somehow legends do return :|

But how come? By having troops who I can't or somehow have bad time to count on. 

Maybe that's why I choose to spend my weekends at home rather than staying at hostel because, I need some time to be alone. To be sniffing at my previous actions, and thinking of ways to stay optimistic about what have happened and will happen to me. I must grow, and mature.

Foundation studies, include too many works which I can't complain, since it is a pre-degree program, it supposed to train us how to deal with workloads in our degree during the next years to come. But, the most despicable of all, it of course, lab reports >.< especially physics and chemistry!

Physics like everyone knows, it's like the most toughest subject around. I can't mix with it very well, maybe because I lack of the sprint in thinking, and using the IQ power up to the maximum level to apply the knowledge to answer the questions and etc. We did an experiment on Newton's Second Law last Thursday, and I can't even interpret the whole experiment into the discussion part that needed to be done. Sigh!

Adding up with chemistry, not a very tough experiment, but when it comes to discussion the brain stops. References are needed regarding titration, and etc. The calculation part is easy but when it came to teamwork it became totally a chaos, since too many broth spoiled the soup!!

Ah. This is life I suppose to endure for another 8 months. Next week will be fully occupied with the nerd mood, since quizzes are on and so do the monthly tests before the mid-sem break. So, I better just have my body and soul stay cool and optimistic, by being there, and let the days passed. Right? Right....>.<

P/S: Seriously I missed the day when we laughed and study together, at college! Sadly, it is now a history

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