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Monday, 21 June 2010

What does it feel to be a DAD?

Assalamualaikum peeps...

Again this monday, is somehow relaxing, I am done with today's physics and chemistry. Nothing funny nor intriguing happened, just the same-usual Mondays, the day where all the boys here looked smashing in their tucked in shirts with a tie, and black-shiny bally shoes. Hahaha:) My friends and I played 'flirt' in lecture hall, peeping which and who is the most handsome, and cute among them all. xD *gatal naaa* (Whatever:))

For the past weekends, it was Father's Day. A day barely called it, to celebrate a man called father, or dad. But for me it's for my beloved PAPA. Well, maybe it sounded childish to call my father papa, at this age, but to call him PAPA, reminding me of becoming his first baby girl again whom used to be in his cuddles, who used to play soccer with him, before my brother was born and who used to be his sweetheart. Haha.

I do not know exactly how does it feel to be a father. How does it feel hold the responsibility of taking good care of the kids, handling and knowing their essentials, work hard to pay for everything and so many other responsibility on his shoulder. A dad therefore must be the forth or fifth person, to be loved after mom. FIRST until THIRD, MOM is the one who needs the most attention, then it came to DAD. 

I remembered the day when I cried meticulously thinking of the fact that I will not be going to Russia to pursue medicine, since I got an offer from UiTM. Dad was the one who told me with his softest tone,

"Sorry darling, that I can't granted your wish. Maybe you want to be like me, studying abroad, but trust me, locally is much more better"

I admit I hurt my father a lot these days by muttering these and that, couldn't let go of my safe zone, taking him for granted, treating him bad, by raising my voice, sulk and so many things which obviously showed my weakness. I also being too demanding by asking these and that showing my disrespectful whatsoever. To cut it short, DAD! I've sinned! Maybe my dad and I do have some arguments since we do not share the same opinions and etc, but I believed, the difference between him and I is the factor which makes our relationship as father and daughter strengthen. Thanks daddy or papa for everything you've done for me! 

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