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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Happy Mother's Day

**(Mom and sis)**

I am grateful to be born alive and "perfectly" created as a complete human. I am also grateful to be having such a wonderful family, which comprises of a mom and a dad, and two siblings. What makes me more grateful is that I have a mom. A mom whom gave birth to me, a mom whom I can call 'mama'.

When my childhood friend, Shahrul Izwan, lost her mother when we were 12 years old because of breast cancer, I started to realise something. I started to think twice the importance and significance of having a mother. What if one day someone came to school, to pick me up earlier than it supposed to be to tell me that something has happened to my mom? That was the exact thing happened to Shahrul.

Even though I didn't attend his mom's funeral, but what I heard from my mother who attended it, was that, Shahrul was crying while reciting the Surah Yassin in front of his mom's cease body. It sounded terrible, and I myself burst into tears upon hearing the scene. He lost his mother at such a young age, and I myself knew his mom really well. She was a caring and beautiful woman. I miss her for now and after.

One day, I said something terrible to my sister. I told her that I don't really need mama by my side. Maybe because I already a teenager right now, and I can't feel how much I need her. I regret for saying that, I was stupid and a fool. I can't live without my mother, seriously. Even if she went to attend a course, like when she flew to Paris last year for a week, I missed her like crazy.

Mom is the one who listens to my problems, and the best thing is she always agree of what I am doing. She worries when I injured my feet a couple of weeks ago, she worries when my head knocked to the bed's frame and bleed.She just worried about everything. And since she loves me as a daughter, I must love her as my mom. We could never had more than one biological mother whom can care for us whenever and wherever we go. So, I must make her proud in everything I do. Without our mom, we will be no one. Mom is the queen of my heart.

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