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Saturday, 4 April 2009

I'm back to my old style

It's so great to be like normal. Normal here generally means that we don't have to force ourselves to the extra limit, and get ourselves busy until we have no ample time just to "beautify" our lives.

Well, what happen to me was that, I skipped sports practice twice already. Maybe it wasn't a big deal to brag about, however, I must say that it's the old thing I used to do. I never joined any clubs and sports at school when I was Form 1 and Form 2. And now I am repeating the same incident over again.

Sports at school is not that great of having great events or whatsoever like that. I never interested in sports day at school. It only brings me to extreme tiredness. And, in the matter of fact I don't really do sports {which means I'm a soft boned-but what d I care}, so I don't like to join sports day.

It feels good when I skipped those stupid practices. At least I can have myself pampered by watching t.v and finishing my homeworks on time. Not like a couple of months ago, when I was extremely exhilarated and suffocated because I was too busy entertaining people's demands. YeaY! Now I am free!!~

What I'm gonna do now is to enjoy myself and focusing on the way to answering SPM questions. If you think SPM is easy, well you're wrong. SPM is the only way to make your head start to blast and you will start regretting of not revising earlier and regretting for considering your form 4 years as honeymoon in Paris. I'm telling this to my juniors. Watch out!~ It will be extra harder and sickening when people start relying on you to get good grades.

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