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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

School and the memories

Last time I went to school with Chiam my greatest late friend whereby it was because of MAC (Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang). T.T And it was on March 2010.

It took me over a year to get back to school. I admit I have been longing to meet my former dearest teachers who already turned into my mothers at school. Besides being teachers' pet bring me to the highest level of comfort when I got the chance to see them again.

Huda a dear friend and the best world's driver was kind enough to drive me to school. She came all the way from Jalan Bukit which a bit far due to kajang highway. Two other friends got other things to do so only both of us could go to school. 

Reason was the simplest yet, to take my certificates, my SPM's, my LCCI and and the Cambridge's. Huda had taken hers but still willing to keep me company. Thanks huda darling, tak tau camne kalau u takde. Susah kalau takde lesen ni. Waduh...

Upon arrival, I met with the principal. Awal-awal lagi jumpa dia. It was a shock, but she looked as if she doesn't recognized me, but who cares about that right? She was with Datin Rukiah who takes care of the library and the form 5's Bahasa Melayu teacher. She was nice during my years at school, letting me to 'date' around in the library, and she's the one who will always be there when Chiam and I hanged around at the library. 

Thankfully, I met a lot of teachers whom I know at the office itself. Puan Eliza was stunning as always, and have been in love with her flawless complexion and hazel eyes for so long. She looked thrilled to see me being so round and healthy hehehe. But I didn't hug her and cuddle her as I wanted to because hands were full of stuff. And I am so sad didn't get to see her while I was at the Staff Room.

Then I met my most favorite teacher. The teacher who have been teaching me since form 1 and had the longest hours teaching us, Puan Fozida. She's the best math teacher to me la, funny and fun learning with her. Heading towards the staff room, met Ustazah Ameenah.

But something happened. I brought three tupperwared jellow to give to 3 teachers that I really fond with. I met ustazah, salam semua, and chat a bit, whereby she told me her daughter got asasi sains UiTM and she had just recently sent her daughter there. She seemed like having hard time to like the campus and the fact that her kid will be studying there. She said the place was blazing hot. Hahahaha.

She was rushing to go to class. I told her I had something with me to give to her. Asked for her cubicle, because the place inside there changed a lot since last time I stepped into it. She said her cubicle was at the very back of the room. So Huda and I walked all the way through, chatted with some other teachers, and at last reached the back. My accounting teacher who by hook and crook made me good in accounting, was there too. Both of her and my add math teacher were free, so they let me sat down, and chatted. Ah banyak pulak nak brag. Hehehhe.

So in the end, Huda seemed bored. She promised to go to lunch, but her dad called her to attend other things. While we headed towards the exit, I met my PJK teachers and prefect advisor, then lastly my Physics teacher, whose daughter recently got the chance to pursue medicine in Ireland. I congratulated her for that, and gave the jellow to her instead. I completely forgot the fact that I PROMISED ustazah to give that gift to her. 

And so I went back happily, because I got to see the teachers, and my agenda to get the certificates solved. But then, on Facebook, Puan Fozida thanked me for that jellow and said it was delicious, and told me Ustazah had asked her where was hers. OMG. I had done something wrong. It was meant for her, but I gave it to my physics teacher. Aigoo....

Also I am a bit frustrated not to have some memoirs with the teachers I have met. And there's a bit of sadness occurring at school. The thing I hate about meeting former teachers is the fact that they would be asking where we are studying ? what are we doing now? and when we answered like not up to their expectation they would go a bit s skeptical  and doing the faces which we don't like to see. I answered proudly that I am now an ex UiTM asasian student, finished foundation in science. Then they would asked what did I get for my exam. They would tell how my friend at matriculation surpassed me and yeah, common thing that the teacher would tell me. 

I hate the fact how they would seemed like disliking UiTM when I mentioned I would go there for medicine as my first choice. My former form 3 sejarah teacher asked why didn't I get to go to UM. I was like what?? Why on Earth they would asked me that? My rezeki was at UiTM. And InshaAllah it would be there too after this, what's so bad about being a part of UiTM? 

I admit I used to be having bad expectation for UiTM and almost reluctant to go there, and felt like I was forced to be there and almost cry out loud to have been there with the rest. But I now had mature a bit in terms of being content of what I had and what have I pursued. 

So teachers? What's so bad about UiTM that you didn't like? Please be happy of what your students are studying at and don't judge us badly through one eye. Like my dad says, do you know the previous Celcom boss was a UiTM graduate? Do you know that the dean of the UiTM Medical Faculty was the best from UKM?  

Stop Judging. That's all I want to end here. 

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