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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

One more nothing

Clearly it has been almost two months 'enjoying' this holiday and turning on the notebook almost 24/7 because it's a center of both entertainment as well as communication at ease. Thanks DAD for installing the wireless connection (WiFi) which certainly makes our fat lives easier and the least to boredom.

Mom had been planning vulgarly on a vacation to Indonesia but then it's all cancelled because she said she wanna someone to settle the tickets and tours for her, and all she has to do is the paying. but too bad she's isn't the one who would search for that particular 'someone' to do that for her. And that's how the vacation turned into a dream and will be just that way for now and forever since my bathroom is under 'construction'. I should be lucky that my dad is the kind of a multitasking and almost-multi-talent man, so he is now trying to finish the bathroom with new tiling, flooring, plumbing and etc. I hope it will turn out well and nice.

May came smoothly and a bit rejoicing since some aunts and uncles from Utara Malaysia (Kedah and Perak) came for a visit. Basically, the last one was last year around September. And when they come mom will be terrified and all panic since she has to cook for so many guests and I can be considered as a helpless daughter. The least I can do is arranging the dishes on the table or wash the dishes after meals. Following my family to my uncle's for lunch on last Sunday was okay because the lunch was terrific except for the way it was served. I hate the fact that you have to sit down on the floor, bersila to eat. For me, it is a nuisance way of serving for a small house whereby you will have hard time to reach and get the dish you want. Why can't they just serve the food on the table, let people take what they like as in buffet style and then they could eat wherever they like. More convenience that way. (being all nagging and muttering)

I am a helpless entertainer and helper. While at my other uncle's house for brunch called Nasi Lemak Kopi O' event, they served chapati and all-time-favorite-Malaysian breakfast meal-the Nasi Lemak. First I was glad that those food were on the table. Then my aunt, asked me to help with the beverages. I wanted to be some kind of a helpful person so I tended to offer everyone a drink, TEA OR COFFEE, but then my dad said, just put it on the table, as people will take it later when they want to drink, on the contrast my aunt wanted me to serve them the drink. What a confusion. In the end, I stopped serving the guests and selfishly eat my part of brunch-alone.

Even though I like how family can reunited and be together under one roof, I certainly despise how alone I would feel on that occasion. I have no cousins to talk to and no one to really keep me company, maybe it's the way I look-the gloomy look that scared people away. And it is a fact that I am a lousy-chatter and would easily becoming bored listening to others talking about matters I couldn't relate to, and people would get into the same condition when I talk matters they can't get through. I must brush up this social skill somehow or rather if I don't want to be left behind with a tagline forever alone. T.T

Well, insya-Allah, I will be boarding off to Sabah next week with some friends from UiTM. I miss them a lot and they have been rather quiet somehow. Dinas, the leader of this vacation text me a couple of days before asking me to bank in the further dues. I will by tomorrow or the next day. One week away from this notebook will surely bring me to an enormous change.....ermm...a bit maybe. Hopefully I won't wake up late in the morning as I don't wanna miss my flight, Azyan promised to wake me up :D. At least, I have this vacation to refreshen this dull mind of obsessive and excessive thinking. Plus, I MUST NOT FORGET my camera and to set it up right or ending up with no good photos like what happened during Gala Dinner :(

Oh yeah, UiTM is in the collaboration with a Universiti in Makasar Indonesia, called UNHAS to offer a medical program for those with a CGPA of 3.00 above. And there will be a talk on this program on the 10th May at UiTM Shah Alam. I had given my name to Dr Rozana, for a seat for the talk. But I have a bad feeling of not going because my cousin who is also studying at the very university told me that do not go there. It is due to the promises made which left not granted by both Universities regarding the loans and the grading system is also bad. Plus, the place seems conducive-less. I just wish and hope the country will accept me in. 

>>>p/s: At least I have renewed my IC. Bad photo and looks super vulgar with broad fat face and ugly skin tone. But my dad said that's not what matters. What matters is that you have the identification card. ERGHH feel the very worse of myself with unknown reason. I guess I have the -low-self-esteem' syndrome.<<<


faisal said...

i didn't renew my IC yet.... T_T
still got 13 years old me in the IC

nisa' said...

enjoy your vacation to sabah..=)

dayanaazhar:) said...

doc: i guess u better renew it since you don't look like a 13 y/0 anymore.

nisa: thanks sayang<3