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Saturday, 30 April 2011

In and Out

For the past a week, I have been craving to eat Mushroom Tempura, where the tastiest ones only could be bought from Cameron Highlands. Making them at home is possible but I despise how bitter they would taste on my tongue.....because mushroom isn't a good type of food that is easy to cook. Once the preparation method is wrong, the taste will go baldy and tasteless plus bitter.

Bought a RM1 Seri Aji's Fried Flour to make my mushroom tempura a reality. My mom who was on MC, took the job to make those even though I insisted to do and try on my own. And it came out to be super salty and a bit bitter, and still Cameron Highland's mushroom tempura are the best! ONE WORD: FAILED!

rupa agak hodoh....and ....emm

I planned on stop eating rice for some while because I don't need extra carbohydrates. They would instead be a source of fat and I am already fat as it is, so better stop for a while. During lunch, when I went hungry, my dad would be some wantan....which I think they are so delicious. 3 days been saying NO towards rice but today, an entire family came for a visit. Mom cooked rice and side dishes, so I was again mentally forced to have rice. One word: failed!

and so my lunch is these....wantan goreng, which is super sedap!

Since school I like wantan goreng....mee wantan pun sedap yumm yumm...! And because I was dieting on rice, mom brought me to a restaurant called ...

nearby the Giant Kajang...

kuewtiaw sup was awesomely delicious....I can eat up to3 bowls sebab sikit...:(

But the best eat out must be with dear McDonald...I m lovin' it :)

friends from school. huda and durrah. at McD Alamanda, after watched the 'great' Red Riding Hood much-alike-twilight ;P
Durrah said she suddenly reminisced Chiam who would always follow her to McD Kajang after their class, while they were studying for Form 6 at High School Kajang. Huda turned herself out from talking about the sad stories. Durrah looked at me and said, she used to hang out with Chiam often...since I was too busy to accompany her out. Still, the guilty remains. The guilty for not spending more time with her; I was only available for her after SPM till March during the award-ceremony and it stopped there. Plus, the guilty of not being able to attend her funeral was a great dismay.

After three days of not eating rice, at last I tumbled. I was deeply forced to have rice because my aunt from Sungai Petani came for a visit and she cooks wonderfully to arouse the feeling of hunger. The temptation I just can't resist. There go the spirit :(

My aunt said one thing to my mom regarding myself. She asked my mom why I look so depressed and sad? Well, I am sick after all, so I won't mind she saw me all gloomy, the other reason would be the worry of the future ahead me. When people asked did you get any offer? I would turned into a dull person and answer a plain NO. And that is worrying me, so it showed through my eyes. Sadly, mom couldn't see that, because she's just super busy....


>>>P/S: I blamed the Royal Wedding for the slowness of Internet Access. It's pathetic to run everything slow and it's tiring for waiting. And it was anticipating to watch the Royal Wedding, because I like Kate Middleton as she's so sophisticated and looks super intelligent, and hope it doesn't just from her appearance though.<<<

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