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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Papa, Alamanda, MPH dan Wedding Marathon

May already and almost come to its end. May 2011 brought fun when I was able to attend my friends for the gateway to Sabah. I might have bragging about Sabah like a tons of times here in the blog, and it's because I miss SABAH and the moments with all the girls who went there as well.

Papa is my greatest boyfriend cum a great cook and chef and a wonderful daddy. Yesterday, I wanted to go shopping badly-it is a therapy when you have nervousness and it's a therapy when you become suddenly blurred with your live. Due to laziness, I couldn't have the energy to go to the nearest best mall by myself. Just hate to wait for buses and trains. Hence, I coaxed my papa to follow me and drive mom, sister and I to Alamanda. HAHAHAR.

Wait here's a thing; my papa was so busy yesterday. He had stuff to do at the surau nearby since he is among the committee members, then at noon one couple needed to be wedded off and he had to be at the surau too until 3 pm. I could see tiredness in his eyes, but as a demanding child I still wanna go shopping. :D

My dad would never nagged us for being picky or choosy or terhegeh-hegeh while shopping. That's the best part. My time in a shoe store is approximately an hour because I would have hard time to have shoes that suit me best. What to do if you have a gigantic feet like me. I can spend an entire day in a bookstore especially when it is MPH or POPULAR. My top list-must buy book would be Hospital Babylon; True Confession of  A Doctor. I saw it as quick as when I crossed the border line between the entrance and the first rack. It was there, ONLY ONE THERE. 

Sadly, it was expensive. Look for my mom who to borrow her plastic money, but she wasn't there. It's pathetic how you wanna buy a book so much but knowing you have not enough cash to grab it and make it yours! In the end, I bought another book called Isabella-an Islamic book but with heart full of sadness. But the boys behind me when I was paying the book ALREADY had the book in their hands. Perhaps they shared it. And when mom came, I wanna go back and take the book-and unfortunately, the boys at the counter already purchased it with a big smile. MELEPAS! not my rezeki probably.

So I spend about an hour again at MPH, dad was waiting like a log outside, but he never nagged except when it was almost maghrib. He texted a few times to notice me that it's time to pray. Once I got out, then mom stopped by at another shoe store-spent another 20 minutes. And dad was just patiently waiting. Hehehhe

Dad drove fast to reach home before 8pm. As soon as we arrived, he hurried back to the surau and there's a program for belia at the surau comprising of qiyamulai and activities for the kids who join it. He didn't even come back home that night and spend his night at the surau. And today, in the morning, after Subuh, papa joined gotong royong and once he returned, he wanna go to wedding ceremonies. My dad always advised me to follow him attending weddings because it's a sunnah to do so. Besides, I have craving for nasi minyak and thus mmg elok benar lah ikut dia. 

After attending two weddings, mom wanna go to Tesco-shopping for groceries. Papa was tired. His eyes were red and yawned several times. He even walked weirdly sebab sakit pinggang. Hahahaha. Once home, I told him to rest and sleep even though it's not appropriate to sleep after Asar. But he didn't manage to rest his body so he better do it now. And while I am writing this he is fast asleep as a baby- and he needs energy to drive to Shah Alam tomorrow morning. 

Terima kasih papa :) If only I could say this to his face. The best father has Allah gave me. Alhamdulillah, I could never ask for more :) 

Papa always smile when cooking- he had fun trying to teach me how to.
Papa always nagged when I drive too fast-but he never feels tired to guide me to press the brake
Papa would always sit outside of the stores when I am shopping-but he would smile seeing what I bought
Papa would always asked for coffee because he knew I am the best coffee maker. :P

I pray for his longevity and prosperity in life and after life. Ya ALLAH berkatilah beliau. Semoga beliau sihat walafiat....dan berilah daku kesempatan untuk menjaga beliau dan menjaga bonda pada hari tua mereka. Amin :)

>>>p/s: surely miss him for this one month journey to USA<<<


aina said...

great dad! ^^

nisa' said...

Amin...jauh ye study smpi ke USA.....semoga mendapat yg terbaik semasa di USA..CONGRATS..=)