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Saturday, 4 June 2011


3rd June is over. And hello to 19 years old. Alhamdulillah, praised to the almighty Allah for given me this gift of serendipity and health until now. I am glad to see my dad and my mom at the gate of Kolej Mawar this previous afternoon, especially seeing their smiles put this heavy heart full of stresses at bay. Thanks ALLAH for the wonderful parents you have given me. Thanks for all the wishes sent via texts and not to mention facebook. I enjoyed running up late for bed to answer some of the wall posts. The number of wishes on FB kinda lowered from last year, but the most important thing is the fact knowing how far people are willing to write on our WALL. LOL.

First week of Premed ended. Emmm but I don't know what to brag. I mean, I just do not want to brag because this itself isn't a secure programme that 'hook' me into the medicine faculty. Surely, I want IT badly, but this programme is the KEY for me to unlock, how deep is all the 'wanting' for me for the place. After all, I am not just wanting 'a' place but genuinely planning and aiming to score and to become a specialist. InshaAllah. 

UiTM is just mesmerizing; and I would tell you definitely later when my brain is fully recharged. Now need some sleep. AAAHHH....

>>>P/S: without laptop and Internet I can sleep early like a baby; on 9 pm sharp<<<

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