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Monday, 6 June 2011

dear self

dear self, you are 19 now, look around and feel your surrounding, see around, WHAT have you achieved?

dear self, please be strong. please note that, even though you have lots of friends around, only some would care for's alright if most of them don't.

dear self, stop feeling inferior and be inferior. Trust in yourself. You are one of the kind, and show that to people, even though there're tonnes out the there who are better than you are.

dear self, please be OKAY with criticisms on how the way you look and what ever you do. Please note that you couldn't please every body.

dear self, please feel content with what you have right now,and the people who you are living with. Don't make enemies, but make families.

dear self, please ACT MORE independently. Stop being a baby.

dear self, please think maturely because being an INFANT THINKER leads you nowhere.

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