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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Done and I am tired

UPU: I don't even know what it stands for, and blame me for ignorance. So basically UPU is an application conducted online for matriculations/foundation/STPM/SPM graduates to opt and choose for their next journey in the search of education, knowledge and where they gonna be spending their life as a University student.

Today is the last day for the UPU Phase II application for those who just finished Foundation/Matriculation. Been spending hard times to opt for the 7th and 8th spots. I am clueless of what to choose. Been changing quite a number of times for those two spots, seriously RAMBANG MATA.

It's basically not just the courses what we gonna do for the next 5 years, but it's the place where we gonna be living in for those years. Orang kata, zaman degree ni syok. Time to look forward to job opportunities once you almost complete the course and time to be super eager to race to get into Dean List and also time to ponder around among your friends for soulmates. EH? Well that's what people would usually look forward to during those years.

And yes, to my surprise there's a lot of rare Universities on the list. Some have never been heard of. Like UMK *Universiti Malaysia Kelantan*, UTeM ( IDK for what it stands for), UnisZA (U. Zainal Abidin) and some others kut, sorry lupa. hehehehe. But of course been listening to my mom's advice to not go for the rare ones. Then distance is the question. I am so worried to go far, because I don't have the guts. Yerla. been staying home for so long, never been away from home more than 2 years, is something I should think of. But then again, I still go for one University located far from home. A bit of overseas feeling....gulp:(

Come one friend who got a professor dad at UKM. She wanted to do Pharmacy but UKM's minimum requirement is 3.8 for that meanwhile she had a pointer of almost there, but not there yet. So she has to forget UKM and go for UiTM instead. I also chose Pharmacy but at one University in Kuala Lumpur, but she advised me that I am not eligible since my pointer didn't reach the requirements for that place. WAAA....SO TIRESOME.

However, there's no more chance to choose. Been considering to be a dietician, a Biomedic Researcher and also Optometrist. But in the end I went for Pharmacy for the last spot. Can't decide, really. Thus, for those who are under scholarships whether it be locally or overseas, PLEASE AND PLEASE be grateful of what you already bound into. Look at us, who have hard time trying to be and act realistic even though we hurt by not being able to choose for our favourite course. Bila anda belajar kat Malaysia, 4 flat tu penting ye sayang:) 

Whoever who read this, sorry if I have been really annoying. Kenapa 4 flat tu penting? Because first, it would at least secure you at Harvard Malaysia. Second, you have no worries regarding the words 'Harap Maaf' and third you won't be feeling insecure going to school and make your teachers proud. Emmm T.T

Till then, just bersyukur and content. Allah sesungguhnya amat menyukai hamba-hambanya yang bersyukur dan bersabar.

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