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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

My Friends

Let me tell U all ABout my friends.

Ok what abt them? Ok, they re mostly like me. Well, my friends are all quite, passive, and Introverted. We hate OversoCIALED pEOPLE. and we do laugh a LOT!!!!!

I gained friends from school, like Those in TVS said "kenapa pi skolah?" and the anak2 murid or the pupils will answer "untuk dpt kawanlah"ok I am a very introverted person like a stone, and rarely talk to people, only people can talk to me first and then, I can start all my pranks.

Firstly, I ll talk about my lovely and cute teddy bear friend HUDA. Her name is NURUL HUDA ABD RAZAK. She is damn funny, everything she said is funny, and I laugh like a crazy woman every single time we hang out. Huda..hmmm wat else can i said about her. SHe is a very understanding girl or must I say buddy. she always understand me. and we have some common favorites. We like dull colours like black and brown, and we don't like crowds..not crows, but ramai laa kalau yg tak paham. did u see the small photo up there, thats huda. well, she dislikes being captured, so I can't get a full view of her face. Ok, let me tell u one thing, huda is borned to be a winner. I mean she always win in whatever games she plays. Damn I envy her for that. OH god! (x baik laa kalau cemburu2 nih)

secondly, Let me say about my second best friend ever. She is SITI MARYAM. Now, we call her CHIK YAM or DEQ YAM. Maryam, is veryyyy pretty. Hey, I m not bluffing overhere, I m telling u the the truth. She is a walking MONALISA (mcm azeem ckp). ok whateverlaa, I don't want to boast her beautyness overhere. WHY she became my friend? The answer to that is because we sat next to each other in class. yeah! from FORM 1 we sat next to each other. Well, we were from the same primary school, but back then she was to quiet, and she liked daydreaming all day long, so we never speak. but when we are in HIGH SCHOOL she is my most closest friend besides Huda (well huda kept truanting from school). Ok..continue.......Maryam loves Novels. She has a big basket full of novels. Thats why she kept daydreaming.hahahaha :D. and she loves comics too. let me tell u here if u see maryam reading a comic, please dont talk to her. WHY? coz she is totally stucked in her comics world. aiyaa....budak nih! and she loves eating as well. she eats a lot but still she can maintain a body like a miss world. damn it! her favorite band is SIMPLE PLAN n FORT MINOR. oh god, not like me! but whatever it is, I m proud 2 have her as a friend. did u see that photo, ok she is number 2 from ur right. pretty isnt she?

ok, my third friend, is SOFIAH NUR. sofiah...I miss her a lot. She is the most wonderful thing ever happen to me. She is like a mountain full of diamonds in my heart, the best friend ever! and no one can replace her. ok wanna see her face? look at my bunch of friends up there. Ok sofiah is the one with baju kurung (the yellow one). she is very nice, a very good listener ever. every juniors at school loves her. and every ustazah loves her too. well, among all my friends she is the most humble one. and she is the most simplest one. well, now she removed to MELAKA. and she will be there forever. and i cried for days! hahaha. (hey, why did i laugh) ok whatever.

ok, im tired here. continue later.

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pathetic girl said...

is that all ur friends?what abt me?