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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

designs akukah?

well, actually i m kinda feel a lil awkward to have my designs here, as they werent as good as Hatta, Zery's or even Fitri's. And I feel so sad abt my argument with IZZAT or should I call MIIF.

wateverlaaa!!! I kept apologizing and Today I felt such a relieve when he (IZZAT) forgave me, but what I m not satisfied is that he wanted me to forget abt him. what!!!! He wanted me to forget all abt him after what he has done. He made me believe that I too can be successful like him, and in a sudden he changed all the thing, man I felt so stunned and "spinning"

ok wait i put the designs here. ok dah , i have put it, well taklah lawa sangat or whatever so call vass!! but its okay I think. ok ada lagi wait, there some more, ok tu die kat atas post ni. hahahhahaha...i m not so good in drawing k? just for fun.
hmmm......i m kinda bored these days. and also devastating. Its feel like a nightmare in a flower garden. First I thought izzat was just kidding abt the cancelling thing, but then I realize it was true, and he hates me. arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I to me pls!


pathetic girl said...

he's not the only 1 in this world.Forget him....

Anonymous said...

ur designs? not bad but i'm sure u can do better than more innovative k