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Monday, 12 November 2007

introducing myself to the bloggy

ok, what is my name exactly. I don't know, u tell me. Hahahahaha. Not funny? So, just SHUT UP!

ok, look focusly. I am dayana azhar. why? coz' I am born to be DAYANA AZHAR. I live is Malaysia, in Kajang, a very small city with nothing much to do here except bowling and going to see movies and shopping. Why did I mention about shopping? I hate shopping! Why? Coz' I'll lost all my money with that boring hobby.

well, what about my family? my family is average, small one only five members. I am the eldest child and often get caught of not doing the house chores. ARGHHHH!!! sometimes I feel like I am a maid from Manhattan, hahahahaha.

my dad he is MR Azhar Arshad. Currently he is doing a business with my uncle, I don't really understand about his business so I can't tell you anything about that. He often stay at home and he do the cooking while my mom is at work. Well, my dad is a homecareer man. He do his business via the Internet. Love him damn much and he is the most incredible dad ever!!

my mom? my mom is just like me. we are like twins but from different era. hahahha. she is somecall a lawyer? well, i dont really get what she is doing. she works at UKM, a local university which just been dropped from the Worlds Top University Ranking. hahahaha. She do housechores a lot. During the holidays, she likes shopping, to buy new shoes, well she just loves new shoes. she can be called a strict mom, oh yeah she is! I get scold if I cut the long beans wrongly of different length.

my sis, she is wonderful, pretty, cute and a baby. LOL. My mom still call her baby.hehehe:d
Let me tell u a thing, she almost bring back the MISS BABY CUTE title. I'll post the very most beautiful photo of her here. Ok. My sis. she is My second robotic diary. I told her all about my secrets. well not all just a few. and she is a very good listener. she likes to day dreaming. and often sings in front of the mirror. oooo...a sis she is! hmm...wats else? ok she loves shopping unlike me. and she often came up with silly ideas. hahaha. she is my family's diamond. whatever. she is just 11 now, nd i can't wait until she is 15. hehehe.

what abt my noisy brother? lil' brother he is! He likes gaming, gaming all day long, and I always quarell with him to get the computer seat. He can almost every type of games. Oh God! I envy him soooooo much. Plus, he is a good socialite. He has sooo many friends outside, and he is very intelligent. ALL my relatives love him! and I? I was being isolated. whatever?!

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