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Friday, 16 November 2007

HEROES before GUNS were Invented!!!!

DID i ever tell you that I love ancient heroes? NEVER right??? well yeah! i fond to get to know the ancient heroes especially those who fought since the BC TIME. and now, i'll be writing about THREE ancient heroes who are should be recognized and praised for their great effort in seizing for POWER throughout the region. (mind my grammatically errors pliz)
ok, what about him, that I eargerly want to talk about and write about here in my bloggy. Wait. I'll get the point. He was born in MACEDON. His father was Phillip who was said to be a great warrior that successfully conquered the neighbourhood of MACEDON, including all of ANCIENT GREEK. (great isnt it??)
ok continue.....
In ALex's teenage years, his tutor, named Aristotle gave him an epic poem called LLiad which revealed the story about the TROJAN WAR. From that moment on, Alexander had this great ambition within himself to be a fighter and a fantastic warrior. Not long after that, he grew up of coz, and he became a strong fighter (I mean very strong). By the time he was almost 33 years old, he had successfully conquered the Persian Empire, Egypt and also MESOPOTAMIA (which currently called by the name of IRAQ). This new MACEDONIAN empire streched widely from Greece to the PUnjab (wow!!!!!) For ur information, Aristotle and the other Greeks believed that non-Greeks should be treated as slaves.
When Alex appointed Persians and other foreigners to important positions, the Greeks got mad and they objected eargerly and fiercely. Well as a great warrior and a great leader, Alexander had no worry in handling his troops, but he was forced to go home before he really wanted to. Besides that, he had this high hopes and dreams of building an empire in his imaginary image and he also declaring that "There's nothing imposibble to him who will try" (cool huh?!) As immortal human, Alexander died. His life was so short. He caught a serious fever while travelling back to Macedon.
He died in Babylon a month before his 33rd birthday. (pity!!!) But he died without an empty hand, as he had conquered most of the world known to his people. His incredible 3 empires were split into 3 pieces, and the best is known as EGYPT, which went to his half-brother; ptolemy whose family reigned there until the death of CLEOPATRA VII.
hehehe...I'll stop till here.....
seize the world with POWER AND MIND!!!! LOVE DAYANA AZHAR

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