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Friday, 11 January 2008

Great? Nah...almost

Well, today is Friday, fine, today again we the form 4 Amaanah wasted our two periods in Math just because the teacher cant show up, due to some illness. I hate this! We got so many things to cath up especially in Math, but she didnt show up, how great!
Ah, today before I forgot, we had Physics taught by Pn Suzita, a nice strict teacher, who gave us a lot of calculation exercises. Physics is abt math actually. I just adored how pn Suzita taught us kids. She actually made up an easy formulae for us to understand which I cant explain it here. Besides, she also made it easy for us to memorize the sub multiple notations. How fun it is! Fast but very understanding...well, yeah Ii admit, a first we were a bit blurred, coz its too fast, but then we were a pro, hehehe (sorry to boast)
And whats more, oh yeah, again we didnt have our Bi (english) today as we had this meeting for the house team (rumah sukan). Luckily, I wasnt voted for any position. I hate to have any position is house team. Dont ask just dont. I hope Rashid can be a good leader though....
ah at 12:15 we all rushed home. Hmm...Mr x was actually inviting me to visit his granny at the hospital, but I dont know why suddenly he changed his mind...boys hard to read their thoughts...nevermind, actually i was waiting for him to give me a call, but just useless..>.<
ah, tommorow, at 7:30 am I have to go to schoolfor the prefect's rehearsal thing, hate it, and maryam wont come along as she wants to follow her dad to send her sis to UTP in Perak (thts far!!) I ll be alone tommorow I supposed...

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