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Sunday, 6 January 2008

stresses that all I have got.

fine, school hasnt reach its second weeks and what I have got are stresses. Damn it, hate life right now.
currently, I am being very dizzy and often feel like throwing up. Today is Sunday, and guess what I slept from 2 pm to 5 pm just now, and woke up feeling very uncomfortable. I am now sick very sick indeed. Before I went for my "day sleep" I was actually reading and trying to understand some of Biology facts. Most of them are about cell; like cell organisations, cell specialisation and etc. Well, the most important key to understand Bio is to have a lot of curiosity, which yeah I admit I have.
I now, hmm, gladly know some of the tems like chromosomes, endoplasmic reticulum which is ER, organelle, lysosomes and others. Hard to get all these in my brain memory card of coz but I'kll try, coz I am not the kinda person who gives up easily.
Today, I am sinner, big one I suppose. I actually skipped my ZOHOR prayer, which is very bad indeed. Luckily, I already paid it back by performing the qada' prayer. My life is a misery now. Yes, I know. Very devastating. Then, after I finished up with my Asar and qada' I went downstairs, to eat. Well, I didnt have my lunch as I fell asleep . For dessert, I have a muffin, a mango stuffed muffin which is incredibly suits my taste buds.
HUH! I am now writing a blog, I mean blogging once again. Telling you all how my life sucks. Before I forgot, I played 40 minutes game of badminton wtih my chinese friend Chiam Win Nee, it was good, at least I sweated a little. Sad to say, after I had the game, I came online and met a friend, she is sad with her life too, but I am too suck in convincing her though. sorry.
So, thats all for now, I maybe will stop blogging for a couple of days as I will be very busy with my school pathetic life. THIS year is the terrible year. I bet next year it will be the same. So wish me good luck coz then I ll surely wish ur goodluck too. So long, meet later. amigos.

~~c'mmon be strong dayana~~~


farah said...

Well, I do like ur blog sooo much bcoz it's very hard 2 find a girl like u who wrotes their blog in English...Anyway!!I've add ur link in my blog.I guess this gonna be fun!

Last but not least, gud luck 4 ur "Biology thing".I knw hw it feels 2 study whole matricks of the Biology book.But it's alrite...u will find some strategic ways 2 memories the term.

If u don't mind, please add my blog...:)


farah said...

Well, it's not that hard actually...

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Nice to meet ya!