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Friday, 4 January 2008

Second day, I can't hardly stand it!

Fine, assalamualaikum to all of you out there. I am so sleepy while I am doing his bloggy-thingy but who cares! This is one of my lightest entertainments. As usual, today I went to school, the second day of 2008 school year. Unfortunately, I was late, and it was just my good luck that I did not ran up to the discipline teachers.The first thing I had this morning is MATH which is taught by Puan Fozida. she is nice but she seems so nervous while she's teaching, I don't know why, coz she is our former math teacher during form 1. So, still nervous? C'mmon, get life! Anyway thanks to her, now, I can understand the standard form of numbers and also the significant figures. My hands were shaking while doing math coz its been a long time since I did it. Nevermind, hope I can catch up with all those.
Then, there is some brief talking to the Form 4 kids, which is damn boring! Can u believe that, we actually have to carry out chairs upstairs to the hall just for the brief? Man, I hate an actvity which lack its managing professionals. Besides, we had to wait for at least half an hour for the brief to start. Why? Because there were some technical errors. Duh....=.=The brief was basically about the packages that the school has to offer to us kids. Well, mine is Science, I mean Pure Science. This package is so hard, and only hardworking people can take it as their choice, well I dont have any choice. I have to take pure science to be a doctor. Hmmm, and I will be extremely busy all year round.
I am glad that the brief stopped faster than I would imagine. My friends and I went straight to the canteen. Unluckily, the canteen lacks its menu. I just ate this soup, well I needed something to heat up my throat. I felt weird to have recess at 11 am, hmm, coz it seems different. I hate it of coz, I like the previous days while I was form 3. Miss form 3 though! I skipped my job as a prefect and straight to class after recess. Most of my classmates were reading and joting down notes, they seem more worry than I am. I am very stressful here! I feel like I am going to faint. Hmm, anyway, today I just got some math exercises which I had done them and of coz an english homework, well it needs us to write an informal letter. I ll get it done by tonight.
ah, no fun time this year for sure. and also for next year. to be a great person, we have to make some sacrifices. Yes, I know that. I bet everyone knows that either. So, I have two years of my high school life to be very determined and hardworking or else I ll be left behind.

~~~~another hard time 2008~~~~

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