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Thursday, 3 January 2008

13 subjects!!~~I am DEAD!

Ok, today for all kids in Malaysia, is the day to go to school. First day of 2008 in school of coz. And tht includes me as well. Now, I am a form 4 kid. Sixteen years Old I supposed, sweet sixteen, hahahha;D

I woke up at around 6:30 am, and rushing down to get my uniform and climbed up the stairs to my toilet (in my bedroom) to take a shower, quick one tht was. Alhamdulillah I still sempat to perfrom my subuh prayer.

Guess what! There was a terrific big jam on the way to school, which my brilliant dad suggested to use the other road which was not so busy, but we had to walk just a few stones to reach the school gate. That morning, as I stepped over the school compound, I recited my prayer. And the day went just fine, as Puan Azlina and Puan Musalmahwati, congrated me for my PMR results and they also said that the school will lose another great student like me....hey this is not a joke! Thanks for the congrats TEACHERS!

I walked to the assembly compund. Yes! Students are increasing. I saw my bestfriend forever from far away view. And I also met my friends of coz. They were happy to see me. We were like old moms meeting some old friends. We chatted a lot. Especially Huda, Maryam and me. The most best thing ever is that we sit exactly close to each other in class. Good isn't it ^_^

Great! I am in the first science STREAM class. And this calss offers 7 main subjects which are:

~Bahasa Melayu
~Bahasa Inggeris
~Pendidikan Agama Islam
~Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan
~Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan
and guess what? I've got to score in other six subjects too which are:
~Add Math
~Sains Pertanian (which i hate a lot)
~EST (English for Science and Technology)
Damn, I am so in trouble. As you see, I wish to drop Sains Pertanian, but the teacher told me that you can only do that when I register for SPM. Nuts isnt it? But what can I do whatsoever! Its my life, I have to struggle for the best. In fact, this is my step of becoming a doctor after all. So, after I reached home. I quickly took my bath ( I do stink) and of coz, straight away read my physic book, which alhamdulillah I understood a bit of them. The key to score A in these very hard subjects is to READ THEM A LOT AND MAKE NOTES (jot this down)
Ok, I'll spend the whole 16 years old of my life by revising as well as reading all the books and focus a lot. I don't know why the Kementerian put the SIVIK subject, it just wasted my time. Arghh``~~so this is the BIG STRUGGLING LIFE EVER....and I have to be strong not weak....
p/s: sorry to MR X, I made u waited for me for so long, I was busy with something else. Besides, I had to carry my so heavy-many books, damn it! I am so sorry. THanks God u forgives me.

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bdk sains neyh~