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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

My Bad

Ok, I have promised to all my cyber friends to be online via YM at around 5pm today. Just to say goodbye, as heaven knows that I will not be around as I usually do this year 2008 (why I always tend to say it a "next year"?). First of all, I just wanna admit that I fell asleep, at around 3 pm. Yeah, I was tired, and now, the bit of leftovers are still there in my physical not mental ok?

Unfortunately, things went a bit wrongly today. I wake up just now, and looked at my cellphone, OH NO! ITS 6:30 PM. Alright, this is it! I got up quickly from my bed, and rushed downstairs. My family were getting ready for the Maghrib prayer UNLIKE myself, who was looking like a koala and heading to the pc. As soon as I reach the PC of mine, I connected to Streamyx. Streamyx has help my family and I a lot. There's no problem at all in connecting it. However, bad day gone worst. My yahoo messenger was in messed, I succeed to sign in, but then, in a glance it turned off by itself. I was shocked. And also screamed "NOT AGAIN!!"~~

I thought only my yahoo messenger was doing wacky act, but I was wrong. Now, as you see, I cannot go to Yahoo, and also my blog. Currently, I am typing this in a notepad and if I am lucky tommorow, I can be online for sure, and paste it down in my blogspot. Hope so though. This year will be a crazy busy year for me to struggle a lot for the sake of SPM. Yeah, another war. Another war ahead me and of course other people too. SPM is very difficult, no doubt about that and STPM is easier according to my mom.

Since, now I am a senior at school, I should set up a good example to my juniors and also acted up good to be my teachers' pet. Well, I will get new teachers, and I hate it. If I have some power, I would choose my old form 3 teachers. I love them so much, but not all if I have my second thought. Just a few and this one includes Puan Che Marhaini, an angel and also my math teacher, Puan Ruzlina. Tommorow is the day of my life, 2008 people! Some get extremely excited, but I guess I am not. I don't even celebrate new year, as I am not into it much. For me new year, is the time to repent and look back at our recent wrongdoings and by doing some solat tahajud. Then, we have to make a resolution, a BIG one like we promise ourselves not to do the same mistake. However, like the Malaysian peribahasa, "Rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain", we all have our own right and thoughts on how to celebrate Happy New Year.

Before I forgot, being a form 4 kid this year does not mean I can enjoy, as I don't have any important examinations. This year, is the best time to focus on every science stream subject like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Add Math, EST, Account (I will take up all these) and also the main subjects like Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Inggeris. I will be astonishingly busy, to cope with all these, because what can I say, these are not as easy as kindergartens' ABC OR COLOURING BOOKS. I have to be good in all the theories and also some practical like my best friend told me before. I cannot be some smartass or a brainiac whom is very excellent in theories but lack some skills in practical. RIGHT? Just say yes or no, people!~

Ok, I better rush to the ladies. Plus, I forgot to polish up my shoes. So better go and quickly polish it after I have done with some girl things. My old shoes they are. Still going to where them tommorow. FYI, I have some bad planning in buying school uniforms and equipment this year. So, I didnt buy any shoes I supposed. Hope my feet get into it easily though. If not, I cannot attend school tommorow.

~~~Now, I am a big girl with so many priorities in my hand and head, just have to be strong and competitive with the world.~~~


jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

hye babe, replied your comment on my blog already. thxs a bunch..

Dayana Azhar said...

thnaks jezmine darling..