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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Ah....majlis watikah pelantikan and SP class!!

as u can see, well, this morning, at around 7:45 am, there was this rehearsal for the majlis waitkah pelantikan for prefects. I was again, late, cant be punctual, and guess what, I had to walk to school?! coz my dad went for his morning jog meanwhile my mom wabusy with housechores. So, what could I do?? I quickly walked to school.

Yeah, I walked very fast than I usually do. Gratefully, the practice hasnt started yet, so I was lucky, but we have to wait for Rashid, the Headprefect as well as our commander. Fine, it was a really long practice, we have to show a good example to the other students. Well, I ll be in the middle row, on monday, which I kinda hate it, coz the guy who stands in front of me is taller, i mean a bit taller than I, and he actually blocking me from being viewed, damn that prefect.

Before I black out, yesterday, i was in school too, in the evening, after Zuhur, there was Sains Pertanian class, well I thanked chiam a lot for reserving some front seats for my friends. But then, ah, I was out, with some other prefects for the rehearsal, guess what, some lousy boys from other class, got into our seats, damn it, and the clas was damn crowded....hate it!!!!

I hope the teacher can open another class d\for them. Do I sound selfish? Yeah I am, when it times to study....

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