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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Tuesday~Time to relax?

Ah, gladly, today we all I mean the 4Amanah's kids were allowed to get back early. Yay! For me, its fun...

What did I actually do this Tuesday?

Ok, I woke up early to go to school, well at around 6:15 am, and its a very cold morning, I woke up shivering. I took my quick bath, and got into my uniforms, blue, well I am a prefect after all. Then, after having breakfast, my siblings and I went to school by car. >.< (are we spoilt brats?)

At school, ah, like always, the assembly but not the formal one, this one took abt 20 minutes i suppose. Today I am punctual. Yay! Yes, today again the math teacher wasnt around coz she is ill. Whateverlaa...I just dont care anymore. She gave us some calculation exercises, which are confusing not hard just confusing.

We also had English, which is the best part for today. Our teacher, Pn Thavamalar, was a great hilarious teacher. Love her, although she speaks so fast. She explained the SPM format, which is all abt writing in both paper one and two. She said we have to write or die, just choose. She also explained the life in hostel, which accoding to her was a misery. The food there will not be as delicious as those at house, and we can get slim there. Hahahaha...maybe she is just trying to blackmail us...and yes! she gave some homeworks which arent hard, just write...

CIVICS...ah the teacher is nice, but just hate it, I almost fell asleep. and I felt terrible. History was okay I guess, I understood what the teacher taught us. But we have to write our own notes...nevermind, I have done it unlike the others...hahahah

Today was a fine day, just tht I almost miss my car, on the way home...poor me..

p/s:miss MR X soo much...

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