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Thursday, 17 January 2008

everybody is Going!?

Am I happy, or otherwise?

Well, most of my classmates are already being offered to teknik school. most of then got smk teknik sepang, but each and everyone of them got different course. And how abt me? well, I didnt apply for it, so no teknik school for me, besides I dont like teknik school, as I know, theres no biology there, and I cant be a doc if i finish my SPM there. So, who cares, I dont want teknik school...

Hmm, those who gets teknik are:"

~Siti Maryam-teknik KL
~Huda-teknik shah alam
~yasmeen-teknik sepang
~baqis-teknik sepang

and bla22...well, here, its the time to bid farewell, we have been friends for ages, and now, fate separates all of us, i dont care, just a bit sad.....

__waiting for SBP & MRSM___

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