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Saturday, 19 January 2008


wat a terrible day for me this saturday!!~~

fine, I slept a bit late last night, at about pass midnight, and then this morning I woke up at about 6:15 am, why? COZ I accidentally thought today was school day, dummy me.
anyway, I had this prefect's meeting at school at 8:30 AM. But, I prepared earlier, coz I know, if I kept delaying, I ll not be on time. Yay!! today I was ON TIME, good for me.
the meeting was not bad after all, just tht my best friend maryam didnt show up. why?? becoz, she was fast asleep like a monalisa....watever...ok, I was nominated as the secretary of the prefect's board, but the teacher said NO coz I m gonna move out.. hehehe:D ok I ll be going to start my duty this MONDAY at block B. which is near to my this a good news?? I dont know....
fine, after the meeting was over, I went to a shop nearby to topup my cell. Then, I called huda, but she didnt answer, Ii was actually on the way to her home, some project to be done, and I also sent a message to azeem saying tht I wanted to see him. Ok, i walked to the jejantas, but he wasnt there. I was so sad as well as mad...besdes tht there was this ah, I dont know , a stranger who kept smiling at me...with his sly face..ewww..thts scary....and moreover, I was mad at huda, coz she didnt reply my call. ANd the reason is becoz she was fast asleep, was 11 babe, takan x bangun lagi!!!
ok so, whats the heck waiting, so I walked back home, and felt tired now, a sore feet I attempt....but no one cares....

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