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Sunday, 20 January 2008


damn it....guess what, I have already wrote this story abt homeworks but then It vanished, I dont know why and How. watever!!! just a bit pissed off, and Now my pc is going cracky wacky once again, its making loud noises. HEY U SHUT UP!
AH. this morning, I woke up at 7 am, and still had time to perform the SUBUH prayer, ALhamdulillah. Then, as I dont want to waste the time, i quickly get my books, and started doing the homeworks. There are a lot of them, and thanks god I have already done them. The first thing I did, was Biology, well I needed to wrtie a report on he experiment we had done at school, its about to test how fast a bread will rise with yeast if sugar is presence or absence, its cool almost like cooking. Hope ours success.
Then, I did chemistry. Which is not tht hard. Well, still in the first chapter, all abt atoms, name it Ill Know I guess so. Besides tht, I also tried to memorize the periodic table which is a bit hard to get all those terms and symbols in my head. Gladly, theres an easy way conducted by a student in Malakat 92. Phew...I am so glad. After tht, well, I went to wrap my school books, ah I m so bad in wrapping. Unless, I am so creative and in the mood. Whatever....
How abt english? Well, we were asked to write some opinion oabout a short story called Lotus Eater. Its cool and easy to understand unlike other short stories, which I have to have my dictionary with me. I am not satisfied on my work though, just dont know why...I think I didnt put much effort onto it.
Other thn that, I have physics too. Physics is the HARDEST subject so far. To measure things using the vernier calliper is damn hard. We need to count that and this, even a small gap we have to take seriously, there is zero and postive zero errors. AH..getting tired of them. My cuz said physics is easy, He is a LIAR NOW. Besides, the worst thing is tht now, I have to teach to the others how to measure and use the instruments as the teacher already conducted them to us. I mean my grp. So, its our responsibillity to teach our friends..zzz...:(
Ok, whatever I do, whatever I sigh for, Life is definitely hard, when we reach our old days. My dad used to say tht its nevermind if we study for so hard and we have no rest, coz if we did tht, we will surely feel an ease in the future. Hope its true....

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