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Sunday, 20 January 2008


Ok,today, after I had helped my mom to fold the so-many clothes, I watched this scary ghost movie. Starring Nurina Zubir. (Am I right)

The title is MIRROR. Well, gladly, it was on air at 15 pm, which is a bad time for ghost story I guess, it was supposed to be on air at midnight dont ya think?

This story tells us a bt a rich girl named Kikan. Kikan is the only child in the family and she too, feel bored when she's at home, so she has this stupid ideas. She always believe in ghosts and started scarying people by being ghost and by telling scary stories happened at school to her friends. One day, she acted like one, she wears those scary make-ups and frighten her friends off. But then, her friends, know tht it was her prank so they stopped talking to KIKAN. ANd when KIKAN tried to explain to them she fell. And sad to say she has a big fall, and fainted. But her friends were so angry tht they left KIKAN all alone.

The next morning KIKAN woke up. Looking blurred. And she realised tht she has some trouble with her eyesight. She went to her classroom where the class already began. Sad to say, there, she saw some uninvited guests. Its scary I tell ya...After tht, she ran into the ladies, to wash her so dirty face. She saw a man, trying to tie a rope, I mean tali gantung diri. At first yeah she was scared, but then she just let him be. Guess what, when she look through a mirror she cant see the man who used to be tying rope. she was speechless. and, then she heard someone in another room behind the toilet, she went to see it. And she found the dead body of the man who died by suicide.

Well, I m not gonna tell you all the story, a bit tired. But this is a must see INDON movie. At first u will feel a bit ah, confuse, but after tht, its scary yet enjoying. Hope I can sleep with no ghost in mind though. HEHEHEH

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