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Monday, 21 January 2008


today is monday the 21st. On the 24th, it will be my lil' sis' birthday, and I still dont know what to buy for her. The problem is I ran ot of money after buying all those big-heavy-expensive reference books from a renowed bookstore in Kajang called Czip Lee. Besides, on the 30 th the SBP result will come out, and a week after that the MRSM'S hope I can get a place in either two of them.

Thanks God today the Add Math teacher was around, so we continued our lesson until the the one which need us to identify the functions in numbers. A bit tricky at first and I still cant get some of the answers. And, just now, I received a text message from my friend Chiam telling me tht she had finally got the answer, WHY its not me??

Moreover, today, we have this EST homework to be done. Well, its still easy (for me), and I feel happy doing it. Ah, now I have tell u the out-off-topic thing, well, yeah I ate A LOT today, man...I hate this. In the morning, I mean during recess, I have this soup, well mostly to heat my throat. My throat felt so cold this morning. Then, I ate this coconut pudding, well like jelly. It was so delicious, felt like its melting in the mouth. After tht, I drank this Lychee....well, so sweet.

After school, my friends and I have this ice-cream, ah, I know I should not have eat tht. Now, I suffered from itched tongue. At home, my dad was here. And he was actually cooking for lunch, and his chicken dish was a wow I must say, I ate twice. Hmm....I can help it.

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Naqib said...

Whoa, you must be bloated! Haha! You ate like, omg. God knows, seriously LOL! Surprisingly your dad knows how to cook! Unlike my dad. He only knows how to wait for food. Well, he's not that kind of chief in the house though. ;) Do read and visit my blog frequent, will yah? - Naqib