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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

WOH I am exhausted....

I just returned from my damn almost bored school. Well, entirely, actually, I ddnt even went to school this evening for the road runner practice as I had some BIG plan to do, and it was BADMINTON time. I preferred playing Badminton rather than running until I hurt my stomach or even worst LEGS. Nothing important abt me in the road runner thing anyway.

I walked to the bust stop at around 3:45 pm to meet with my mate Chiam, and how lousy can I be when I didnt realized tht my SEJARAH teacher was there at the bus stop. I must be temporarily blind I guess. Bad thing is that, the teacher was actually yellow team's teacher. And I was wearing yellow team T shirt. Argh....I am dead meat!!

Today was a bad day for the game. I sucked and I sucked a lot. I dont know why, i used to be a pro. Looks like I have bad luck on my side this very day. In 6 games, Chiam and I just won twice. I was devastated, as well as frustrated. Even Chiam didnt know what happen to me. I played like a COW DUNG!! Hate it!!!!

I should bring more bottles of mineral water. And just now, when I play, it was damn HOT ah I am NOW SUNBURNT. Thanks GOD there is this house, tht sell icecream. ah Ice cream...yummy....Then, my friends decided to go to the Tai Huvi ( a shp) and get drinks. No mineral water left so we bought HUNDRED PLUS....AH i finished it in a thirsty.....

Before I forgot, I also did a good presentation back then at school. The teacher was happy and I was glad and proud with my team. Thanks guys!!!

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