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Saturday, 26 January 2008

FINE..thanks for the support

ok, my friend huda, mad at me because of my recent post which resembled me as a quitter. I said earlier, that hoping is sucks, and she said I am now much more like Thomas Wilson, the main character in the story Lotus Eater.

Ok, I admit that I did sounded like a quitter. I am so dissapointed that my friend is leaving me here. Besides that, I now realise that I will somehow loose a vompanion whom can support me, and laugh at my jokes, and back up me in my projects. My gang is decreasing. Its bad u know.

By the way, thanks to Farah Beuclair and also Huda, as well as Azeem, who gave me a lot of supports regarding this mental sickness. May God bless you. Anyway, I already looked back at my weakness, and also my mistakes. I should not cry over this small matters. Everybody now is going to reach for their dreams including maryam, well she wants to be an accountant. So, I as an upcoming doctor, cant go to teknik school. Nevermind, she s still living here in Kajang. So I can see her during holidays.

Ok, thts all for now.

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