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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

WEDNESDAY, day off from SCHOOL

Gladly, today is a holiday, which is Wednesday 23rd January 2008. Tomorrow is my sis's birthday, but I still didnt get anything for her. What a sis am I?

This morning, I had to wake up early as I already have this morning walk with my bff. At 6:30 am I woke up and still very sleepy, as I slept late the night before because I was catching up with Project Runaway. (I love Chloe!!!)

I think I took my bath for so long. I finished it at 7:15!!?? Dummy me. I rushed to get ready, and I had this long walk before I could reach to the jejantas to meet my bff. I reached thre 15 minutes later, and he already waiting. Good.

As usual, he did all the talking. He is such a good talker unlike me who love to keep silent. We headed to the playground, and sit on the swings. He was sleepy and the day was A BIT BORING. Then, he brought me to see his solitary place. Yeah, it was a bit far from his house, and it was on this not-very high hill. We have to climb to reach it. Because he was SO X TREME he can climb it easily, meanwhile, I cant. I am not an adventurous young lady ok? HappY? At least I admit tht I cant climb very well. So, from the place, he can actually see a good view of kajang. Well partly of it of course.

Whatever, maybe that is the last morning walk I will have with him for this year, or this month. Anyway, I just hope that I can be more talkative, coz I dont want to bored him to death by my silent-ness. Its sad to see our loved ones, dissapointed and its due to our weakness.

T_T a sad sad sad day.
Just hope it will be better

and I am NOW trying to find the answers of my Add Math, dan its so tricky, and I also, kinda bored right now as theres no one to chat to. Where is everybODY????

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