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Thursday, 18 September 2008


first time of my wholly life tht I could not do the add math questions. What is happening to me!? What happen to the brain I love?! I am stuck at chapter 9 called DIFFERENTIATION, its a long title of course, it means PEMBEZAAN in Malay, but seriously, I dont care what the heck its trying to tell by teaching us kids this chapter.

To those science stream students in Selangor, please check Formative Exercise 9.2. Try solve Questions from 10 to 15, they re damn hard, I took almost one day full, to complete question 11 and 12. Plus, as we know, now is Ramadan, so, during the day, it was so hot, that I almost dehydrated and exasperated till I cant think of anything except lying on my bed and go to New York for free. {note: this means I am asleep}

I did asked the teacher how to solve those questions, but really, I dont know whether the rate of decible was too low, or I was just to deaf or just to forgetful to remember what the teacher had told me earlier in class. I already asked her help about 3 times, on the same questions, and dont you think its quite weird when I go to see her again on the same question to be asked?

Not only in add math which troubled me, so does Chemistry and Physics. Chemistry: how I hate those questions on balanced equations. Damn Hard! And then, the classes which are held during the last period of the school sessions, give us kids headache plus with sleepy eyes. Even the teacher herself looks sleepy. Not to mention, Physics. Although we already landed on the last chapter, but its not a very good news. Soon, the teacher will load us on intensive exercises, which will be hard and hardy hard. I hope she goes for her maternity leave as soon as possible {sorry puan suzita, u look tired, tht what was I trying to say}

For those who read this post, not my intention here to keep nagging and blabbering about the harmanship which I am pursuing through right now. Just want to share how hectic my life is. Fine, I know this is the real fact of being a science student which I have to endorse in. So, till then, bye, assalamualaikumwarahmatullah.

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