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Thursday, 25 September 2008


First, I stepped into the class, 4 AMANAH it was and still it is. I sat at the place where Huda and I had chose on the first day of school of session 2008. I sighed utterly as now, I sat all by myself. There are 2 other desks behind me, and they re empty too.

The days become fun when teachers are around, as I sat close to the teacher's table, so I am more closer to them each day. They chatted with me, as if I am one of their colleagues. I dont care that, coz students are supposed to get closer to the teachers. I love Puan Fozida, and Puan Thava, who had been such good friends, and tutors at the same time. Love Puan Fozida for her humbleness, and Puan Thava for her funny attitudes.

Bored, when teachers are absent. The class will be noisy and the kids will start their kids-ways of life. No more books on the tables, just mp3's, handphones, and songs they turned on really loud. Aiman will be heard as the rockstar, a singer in the class. Meanwhile the 6 girls at the back will be humming hari raya song so many times. My used-to-be good friends, will be laughing and laughing for nonsensical jokes that Huda made. I laugh too, but laugh in my heart. I wanna join them so much, but I am not eligible. They will start being quite as soon as I joined them.

Chiam, a very good friend of mine these days, did almost the same thing I did. If she's not around how boring life at school could be. She's smart, funny, she is the precious thing I've got now. Just her, that knows me well. The others will see me as egoistic, teachers' pet, selfish learner, paranoid person and a person who is too daring.

Nevermind said me. I will just continue to live. No good of running away from problems ahead me. I will never ask for help. I will just continue working on my own to reach the success I've dream for. The end...

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