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Sunday, 28 September 2008

A bit Appreciated

Yep, all these whiles, I have acted like an emo fanatic due to some problems I encountered with some"friends" of mine. But, yesterday. I felt a bit appreciated, as 2 friends sent me Eid Mubarak's cards. Overall, I have 4 cards now, and thanks to those who sent me those cards. They cured some diminish pains inside the heart. Haha:D

The first card I got, was from Durrah (the darah). There was 10 cent coin as my first duit raya.

Below is from Fatin Syamimi (princess cute konon:P)

The third card, from Sofiah NUR!! Yeay!! NO TIME NO SEE, babe. Sofiah is the one I always hope for. She made the card by herself. Unfortunately, she didn't left the home address of hers. How am I gonna send one to her?? (sigh)

The forth card, well, no picture, its from a guy. Well, its from akiem, from my forum. hehe:))

so thats all for now....its hard to revise my studies and at the same time preparing for raya!

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