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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Day 3 of Ramadan 08

Only day 3 people. Yet it is still tiring, but I am used to this, so no worry. Fasting is indeed a good way to maintain the good health, it actually gives the digestive system some time to relax. Plus, during fasting, one can also lose weight, but this will be successful, if that person eats moderately and not with lust:)

Ok, everybody knows about the above fact. Right now, I am just goin' to write about the recent 'stories' in my busy day life. Fine, last friday, I was being informed that I will be given the post of assistant of head prefect in the school 2009 session. But, hold on, this is a eustress for me. I will be in thoughts whether I can hold this post with great responsibility or not. But, I think I can, anyway, like Peter PARKER said, "with great power, comes great responsibility".

Then. nothing happened much on Saturday and Sunday. Monday was the first day of ramadan 08, and of course it was so tiring, but I was glad that I was able to perform the tarawih that very night. Then, on Tuesday, I got my Chemistry-August Test paper, and I was a bit shocked since I obtained a B- for this. The aces I always get, seem fading huh? Yeah, and its my fault too. So, I guess I have to start working extra from now on.

Today, Wednesday, was not a very pleasing day. Its time for the kids at school, including me, to get our marks for the co-curricular activities. My points are not remarkable at all! I am VERY dissapointed right now. My face looked like jeruk buah pelam or mango pickel already. The hardmanship I've gone through these co-curricular act. were like....a total wasting of time. Most of the teachers said, I have..still the next year. Yeah...I got next year, but Hey! I can't get the best of everything every year right?

Ok, thats all, until we meet again this friday.

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