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Sunday, 23 August 2009

they are back

It's ramadan 2009, like everyone is aware of. This year round, ramadan is just losing its sparkle since I have to contemplate with the SPM trial exam which will last for a month. If I am pious enough to accept this fate, I will be thankful because the month of ramadan is the perfect time for us muslims to pray as much as we want because Allah will grant the pray of the most faithful believers. So, if we add our hardwork together will ample time to serve for Allah, I bet we all can succeed brilliantly in SPM.

Yesterday, it was the first day of ramadan. It went pretty well, as the day was not too hot and too cold. I didn't even feel like I was fasting. During tarawih, it was such a fun experience since I met old friends, Maryam and Najihah. They are back, and already finished off with trial..meanwhile I still struggling to do well in the exam. I also bumped into Nina and the others like Fathin Syamimi or Syasya, Amira, and Hidayah. It went chaotic when Hidayah suddenly fainted. Haih...poor girl, she must be dehydrated. I got a nice chat with Maryam, and she always being the spontaneously funny girl. Love her:)

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