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Friday, 21 August 2009

fighting against lust, can you?

Ustaz Baharom made his way for a short tazkirah this morning. The tazkirah was of course informing about what Ramadan is all about. I noticed that the tazkirah is almost the same as last year, but I didn't want to give any comments about that since, as we all know, we are frequently and easily forget what is the TRUE meaning of this Holy Month. Bak kata orang tua-tua, Manusia mudah lupa.

The tazkirah came out short because Puan K, disturbed it. Well, not because she hates the tazkirah but we had three events held today at school, and the program must begin early. However, what I was going to say is that Ustaz did tell us kids that Ramadan is the time to fight against lust, whether they are the lust of consuming food and drinking, sex and the lust to see bad things and saying nonsense. It was kind of weird to hear him said the 's' word, but I think its good for him to be honest. Furthermore, he kept reminding us that the devils are not freed to interrupt our focus during ramadan which is a very good thing isn't it? So muslimin and muslimat, are we ready to fight against lust? Ask yourself and your inner strength as a muslim.

Oh before I headed to perform Maghrib, I do have a joyful thing to share. Actually, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muzaphar came to my school to give some motivational talk today. I must say that he is a heart-throb; as his heights, complexion, the smile, the grinning, all complete. A good package to be considered as a prince charming. However, I was more interested in his goals. That was how he struggles to achieve his goals. He has so many ambitions and he showed to us that he can make them come true. The secret recipe? Of course not chocolate cake or cheese cake, but a lorry laden of HARD WORK and determination.

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