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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Are u fasting?

Something weird occurred to me at school today. It started when I was on the way to the front seat in 5 Amal, getting ready for pendidikan Islam lesson. Then, I saw Liew Chee Tuck and Anne Vanessa. They were doing some math revision. As Liew was in a hurry, he asked me to show Anne how to solve the math question. I was glad because it was the same question I attempted yesterday, so I gave her my shot. But, like always I failed to make her understand what I was trying to say, and it turned out she didn't understand the question.

Then she asked me something

"Dayana...u puasa ke??"

I was shocked, because it was the rarest question anyone has ever asked me for ages.

I answered quietly "No" {with serak2basah kinda voice due to my no-end-coughing disease}

Then, she said....

"Ur breathe smelly la...(trying to make how smelly it was) try minum air banyak2 la ok?"

After that she continues...

"U kecil hati ke?? I just bagi suggestion je"

So I went..." tak kecik hati..langsung" (although it was kinda hurt and embarrassing)

Then she said "Ok...bubbye..."

see without even saying thanks for the help...

{so cliche'}

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