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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Helium is far way less denser than oxygen

well blogging has never been a stop for me even though I did tell people that I want to quit. Realizing that my mother is sick has made me widen up my eyes and try to think twice about having a bad post about my mother.

Surely, no one can live without his or her mom. I just hope and pray that she will regain her healthiness by tomorrow or better, tonight.

Fine, I started my day with the usual morning prayer, and decided to go back to sleep, but I empowered myself to do better things. So, rather than falling back to the dreamland, I went downstairs and started doing my Nilam projects. I read at least 4 articles, different articles of course, and did the summaries of all of them. Such a boring job. Yawning and yawning. Then, my day went juggling with physics class with cuz, Abg I. I just hate electronics!!!

Now, want to go solat...and wish me luck for whatever happens for tomorrow

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