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Thursday, 30 July 2009

It's done, hooray

I am glad that the National Physics Quiz for the year 2009 is over. There were only 70 questions and needed to be answered in 2 and a half hours, but I was like suffocating for oxygen. Man, they were tricky! I barely pass it I think, pray for me guys.

Like always, school is boring, every single thing is. In addition, since the teachers are damn busy to start off with revision to toy us up for the upcoming SPM trial, all the laughs and chaotic at school fly with the wind. sad.

But, let me tell you what I really think of right now. I am thinking of getting myself out from that school, from the class. It annoyed me so much. I feel terrible. Last wednesday, I was supposed to have account class but it turned me down, when the teacher whom I was waiting for went back just like that, without informing me. I was waiting like a fooled-log at the canteen for nothing. It felt so sad. Now I really confused about my intention of having account as my other subject for SPM. Ah...when will this end?

I also got fed up with my mom. It seems that I have no one to tangle with me for girl talks. Every girl I believe needs a girl talk at least once in a blue moon. However, I will never get that chance. My mom never actually listens to me. Yesterday, I saw her listening keenly to my sister who was practically blabbering about useless thing she did at school. Maybe because my sister is the youngest and supposedly she is the baby in the house, and that is why mom is paying more attention to her and not me. Ah....again frustrating.

Besides that, my day got worst when my school uniform was blemished by something really disgusting. Maybe it was bird poop or alike, and it ruined the uniform. T_T AH, lastly I just wanna say how glad I am to be home.....with blogger my mutual-bestfriend:(

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