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Friday, 24 July 2009

Entah ape2

things went crazy again. I just hate July, because when the year strikes July, I stupid things started to burden me. I almost go lunatic.
Next Thursday, I have the National Physics Quiz, and I know I can't do it well, since I had not put any pain to feel the gain. And, life feels terrible, horrible, horrifying and lots of intense pressure. I am addicted to depressant, but not hanging on drugs because thankfully I am still conscious and beware of what I am doing.
I went to school like always, and Friday always have been my best day because the time I will spend at school is short. We, the muslims had a talk on the conjuction of Israk Mikraj. The speaker was great, love his voice. The background songs he put on during the talk, was heartpounding and touching. Some of my friends cried. And, I know why, just that I am happy that I was able to control my emotion. Then things went bored again.
There is only one word to describe school: BORING :(
I pretended to be fine...but still deep inside, I feel isolated and always feel that I suppose to eradicate myself from the "community" in class. For those who read this, you don't need to say "kenapa I feel this way?" or "what did I do?" because the reason I feel like this is because I am at fault. I am sorry. But I just think that I can't blend with you guys. In fact, I think I can't blend with anybody.

-true loneliness-


Farah Ismail said...

i masuk national chemistry quiz last week, susah gila . u school ada join tak ?

Farah Ismail said...

HAHA i baca ur blog tp i macam tak tahu nak comment apa hehehe

well im comment-ing u now kann :)

physic? my teacher tak bgtau pun anything bout it, nnti i tanya lah
they'll return back ur money la sayang
chemist pun mcm tu jugak but i didnt pay for it pun haha

jock3r said...

i thought the post before this will be ur last

muhammadhafiz-3989 said...

Know you stressed with your SPM, already take your chill pill for your physical and mental? BTW, very pity because you stressed like that.....and good luck take care of your health ;D
Thumbs up to your modified nice blog ;D