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Monday, 7 September 2009

I just wondering why

Why is it

..that when Exam week strikes me, I have exactly no friends?
..that when I send a message to a person, whoever she or he is, I won't get the reply?
...that people staring me like I was the ugliest girl when I made my path to a boutique?
...that even though I have a nice dress, I still feel that I look weird in it?
...that people can't understand me like how I understood them?
...that whenever I speak to a person, he or she won't listen?
...that I don't have the urge and will to continue studying??

SOMETIMES....the answer is somehow hurtful

I am BAD.
I am UGLY.

I am Lonely...



Encik Zul said...

hmm.. jgn la jd emo sngt. think positive.
kenapa xde kwn time exam? mybe dorg sibuk study.
kenapa x bls msj? mybe dorg xde kredit time tuh.
kenapa org stare? mybe dorg stare kat org sblh ko.
bkn ko kut.
kenapa rasa pelik? mybe ko pkai something yg x kena ngan stlye ko. ibarat nerd yg pkai baju funky. pakai la something yg menunjukkan itu ko.
kenapa org x fhm? hati sume org berbeza.
kenapa org xnk dngr? mybe kbtulan dorg ada something yg lbh pntg untk difikirkan. x kena masa.
bab study ni sume org same. even aku. just kuatkan semangat je la. ingat Tuhan bebanyak.

Life is just wonderful. Chill out. Being an emo
doesnt help it. peace~

dayana|azhar|mohd|arshad said...

thank u encik zul