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Friday, 11 September 2009

Plastered Mouth

I was like having a plastered mouth. I couldn't speak nor can I smile. That were the 2 things recently happened to me, for this week, hopefully just this week. My lips started to dry, using lips balm was totally useless, it makes the lips worsen. So, friends, (if I do have one), when you noticed me of being silent or arrogant, please don't jump to the conclusion that I was being ignorant. It was because I was not in a good health. Hope you people understand.

I have no fun for the past weeks I breathed. The last fun was yesterday during breaking the fast with the family and then, I devoted my whole soul to finish reading and MEMORIZING the History facts. I started revising from 7:30 pm until late 1.00 am and I was doing a good job for making my eyes looking terribly horrible, I almost look like a Koala, but the difference, the Koala is cuter than I.

Yes people, it's no use making last minute preparation. So, for those who will be sitting for any examinations, please do not make it a habit. All these whiles, I admit that I was not that concern about History and that's what happen when I suddenly had to rush to get all the facts into the head. My God, I was "bloated", my head my brain was bloated. And, that was excluded with Agama Islam. First time in life, I felt like I did badly in Agama. Sorry Ustazah dear.

Let me tell you something readers, I do not like examination's hall that much. Why? Well the first and up most reason is because all the form five students, who I must say, some of them have those satanic-notty attitude and behaviors are together in the hall, sitting like they really concern about the exam. Duh...what a luck sitting with them all. I hope this will be the last time I be at the hall. I have had enough of this! Secondly, is because, it's hot. Well, I must sounded a bit "baby-ish", but I really hated it when we have to struggle with the papers in a wet, soaking condition especially during additional math test. Lastly, is because the internal pressure. Pressure to succeed, pressure to do good, pressure that I didn't answer them right, pressure that maybe the marks won't reach the targeted score. SO MUCH pressure!!!~

People have been mentioning how relax can I be after the SPM hits its hay. But, I still think they were doing their lightest job in giving me some power to move on. It's easier to open the mouth and talk rather that go! action!. And, after SPM, should I just stay back and having heavenly pleasure spending hours at home, or should I do something that contribute something good to my life. For example, a small job, a time at the gymnasium, or maybe finding a partner. Ok, that's maybe too much. But I strongly believe there won't be that much fun that many people expected a SPM leaver will have. up! up! AND away! It's time to grow up. And I don't want to....

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