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Monday, 14 September 2009

It was "not intentionally"

I wonder why many women these days, like to wear short skirts. Well, for those non-Muslims, I won't be condemning them about wearing those "eye-bulging" clothes, since they have no faith in the concept of "sealing the Aurat", but still I am wondering, why the Muslim ladies tend to act like they never have faith, or never understand what the concept is all about? Mind if I ask you to rethink?

This issue came out of the blue moon, while I was having my 'delightful' evening leisure watching stupid Malay drama, since that's the only program available on TV. In that drama, a young woman, wearing extremely short denim skirts and a baby top was pissed off, when a mechanic tried to reminding her of the concept of 'sealing the aurat' by using the reverse psychological method. He said:

"It is so bizarre. You can see a lot of women these days showing off their thighs and 'stuff''. Are they making some free shows for the public? Oh GOD! They are damn 'generous' aren't they?"

Upon hearing that 'advice' from that kind-hearted mechanic, she went a blast, really mad, and became totally freaking out. She left by saying:

"It's my right to wear what I like. None of your business, you moron!!!"

Fine, looks like the woman was just wearing as what she decided to wear. That doesn't bring any harm to anyone nor bringing harm to the environment. But, does she know, that revealing certain parts of the body is A sin to do?? No?? Then, its a shame.

As for myself, I am not trying to act pious, or trying to say that I am an angel, but as Muslim women, what we can do is to try understanding the concept of our faith; Islam. No way saying that we are ISLAM but we ourselves never stand up to follow the faith itself. Rethink girls. Rethink.

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hfz_hdz said...

As you've said "As for myself, I am not trying to act pious, or trying to say that I am an angel,", but for me, it's our right to remind people about their mistakes although they don't want to listen, as long we've tried, it's enough rather than do nothing and get sin because we've seen it and done no actions. ;D