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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Freaking Bored

Hi ya! Ok, now it's Sunday and tommorrow is Monday, school is back, or we're back to school? How fast did the time running?

I just returned from A'Famosa Resort located in some forest in Malacca. And, too bad I'd say it was basically a mistake. It was not a family-holiday trip. I was just following my mom who had this work at that resort. I firstly thought that she was going to have her work at one of those beautiful lavish hotel in the middle of Bandar Hilir Malacca. But, too bad, I was wrong, it was AFAMOSA RESORT, with that retard cowboy town. Argh!

So, my sister and I followed my mom to the place I mentioned. We checked in, and the room was ok, normal hotel room, sadly with a hideous sight. Then, we had our lunch at the hotel's restaurant. Luckily, we had good lunch, at last! After lunch, my sister and I were astounded by an enourmous feeling of boredom. We got nothing to do as my mother went to her meeting, and we didnt want to follow her to listen to some old people's endeavours.

My sister insisted on going to the Safari, which means we had to take a shuttle bus to reach there. Fine, then I asked the customer service's lady, and she said, the bus will be coming soon. Then, I noticed that I didnt have enough money to pay the tickets for the safari's entrance. Damn me! I had used all my money going to Mid on the previous Friday. sister was a bit frustrated with me.

We then walked back to our hotel room, a bit far from the club house (where the restaurant located). After Zuhur, my sister asked me to ask the receptionist how to use the internet service. Fine then. I followed her command. The price to use the internet for an hour is RM 10!!! WOW!! HOW CHEAP! (reversely psycological. Due to the very-cheap internet fees, we forget about the idea, and went to the park inside the hotel, to chill out. I did some addmath prectices and got myself yawning.

At 5, my mom came back. I was looking forward that she could bring us to that retard cowboytown for the 2nd time, but she didnt. My sister on the other hand, still insisted on going to the Safari. Unfortunately, the Safari closes at 5pm, so we didnt get any chance.

At night, we went to Bandar Hlir, which is 30 km away from that boredom resort we stayed. We took a ride on the Taming Sari tower. It was a bit fun, to have the slight opportunity to see the Malacca Night Views from ontop.It costed us all RM 30, for 10 minutes ride. Expensive? Well maybe..

So, today, after having that delicious breakfast at the hotel, we went home. And yeah, I am here, sitting and blogging, waiting for school to open. Hahaha;D

What a boring trip. so dont go to A famosa Resort people. Nothing to do, unless if u got the extra $$$. This is frankly told by Dayana Azhar


Ashraf said...

I love Malacca. Especially Bandar Hilir. It's the best-est place ever to to take photos. Last time I went, I probably took 300 pics. Did you go to Jonker's?

Anonymous said...

owh really?...
i've been to Malacca before..
but not to stay in AFamosa resort..
yeah...u're right..Malacca
have a very high rate..of course..
it's a tourism city..
at least u got ur own holiday instead of me that being stuck on internet
for a long time..huhu..