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Friday, 9 January 2009

It HAS just started

Only now that I found the best ample time to be blogging. School started like always. I am in now in form 5, getting ready for the next big examination called 'Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia'. I've got somehow or rather 10 months from now, thank you to Puan Musalmah, my EST teacher for reminding me.

Everything is basically the same thing. Most of my teachers are the same, like additional math, history, physical education, sivics, and English. I am just feel a bit lost when it comes to Agricultural Science, since, Puan Haryati had moved to Perak. I miss my Bahasa Malaysia's teacher too, Puan Yana.

Ok, cut the crap, my class is now situated at the highest floor, the same class when I was form 1. The best part is I managed to conquer the front seat together with Chiam and Nina. Hahaha:D And, I like the class monitor, whom is Arvind. He's nice and naughty at the same time. It's interesting to have him as the leader of the class.

We just completed our first meeting for the cocuricullar clubs and the house club. I got appointed as the President of Math Club again. *Two times in a row*. Puan Thava kept asking why I didn't join the English Society. Well, the reasons are because, they're several people who do not like me and it's hard to hold a post. I am also the president of the badminton's club. Yay!! Just thst it's too sad for not having Puan Rohana as the club's adviser. In PBSM, I am now the Vice President, gonna help Chiam, who is now the president. Hahaha Chiam you're gonna be dead!! (Joking maa). And, lastly, in the yellow club, I am the secretary. Haih...gonna be tired, and occupied from next week onwards.

I also have to finish reading two novels by next week. The Pearl and Konserto Terakhir. I forgot where did I put my Konserto Terakhir's novel. So,bye. Gotta go. See ya around sometimes. :)

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